Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The Dark Outside project / Sing of the Mountain

Over the Summer Solstice The Dark Outside project curated a temporary radio station to play 24 hours of previously unheard music, sounds and spoken words to listeners in Epping Forest.
Yes, strange but imaginative - and it begs the question that if no one was there to listen in the deepest hours of the night did the sounds actually exist?  Yeah, yeah, that old fallen chestnut...

Anyway, I was pleased to have two poems included in the broadcast. I wasn't in the forest to hear them - I hope someone was!
The submitted recordings have in theory now been deleted and lost to wherever digital code goes when it dies. 

Except I have the recording of Song of the Mountain and here it is with photos taken in the Abruzzo Apennines, rural Devon and California:

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