Monday, 25 August 2014

The Nearly Man

I nearly caught a fish, Mum,
I nearly won the race,
I nearly beat the bully
'till he hit me in the face.
I nearly passed exams
and almost got the job
but they gave the work to Sam
- that overachieving knob!
I nearly paid the loan off
but then the car broke down
so I tried to get a second job
but I couldn't get to town.
We nearly went to Cornwall
for a week beside the beach
but the cost of renting caravans
is far beyond our reach.
I nearly gave up smoking
but with all the stress at work
I needed it to calm me down
from dealing with those jerks...
I nearly had it licked
but I went along this week
for another routine check up
and the scan looked pretty bleak.
It's ok though, I'm reconciled:
I've been finalising plans.
I'm going to have my headstone say 
"Here lies the Nearly Man!
He lived an 'almost' kind of life
- he never had his day, 
he spent his time just fishing
for the one that got away."

First published at Strands Lit. Sphere  15 Nov 2016

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