Monday, 31 March 2014

"According to a recent poll of religious beliefs...."

I don't believe in Gallup.
Or that there's a Mori.

The theory that all life began
following a great brain-storm
and product placement plan:
"The Big Water Cooler Moment"
- and we all evolved, winding
through an endless torrent
of market research findings
and feedback analysis tools,
should never be taught in schools.

For science has proven
that long before advertising,
there was life.
True, it didn't always
know what it wanted
or how to look good,
how to have ''allure'',
but it was there.
Prehysterical and pure.

Published in Poems For A Liminal Age anthology from Sentinel Press in aid of Medecins Sans Frontieres  8/2015

Friday, 21 March 2014

Eric Money and his Loose Change

played blues in a bar, 
windslapped on the marshes.
Honkytonk piano, slide guitar
fretless bass, congas.
They were cool. I wasn't. 
But I was young
and you were with me
and held my hand 
when it was time to leave.

In the dark car park 
under a fruit machine sky
you kissed me
and cashed out 
the loose change 
in my heart,
left me jangled
and discharged,
a disarmed bandit:
lever pulled
and wrung apart.

Published 9/9/16 at Page & Spine

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Rifle Club

had avuncular members
who pulled on beer bottles
and talked about sassy women
who were up for it.
Blondes with peachy asses
and perfect tits.

They met in his basement.
They couldn't shoot there
but they could blue
their barrels
polish their stocks
check the sights
had not been knocked.

He used to have girly mags,
you know, just in case,
but in this age of the internet
they'd been tossed away.

When the evening ended
with manly ribaldry
and clinking empties,
he turned off the basement light,

and sat in the black room,
holding his pistol in the dark.
Upstairs the tv was still playing.
He thought about taking
a walk cross town to the park.

First published in The Broadsheet Oct 2014